Press and Interviews

From start to finish Ash exhibits poise and virtuosity through the range of stellar flows he presents us on "TheKeys". The gorgeous arrangement of the keys paired with the distant wails of the trumpet makes for quite a musically opulent instrumental. Although in my opinion, the type of hip hop which sits in the upper echelon is the kind where the lyricism and the delivery pull you in so much that the beat rests in the passenger seat whilst the words are the driving force - and that's exactly what we get on here.” - Lu


Ash The Author proclaims the mantle of being the “Greatest” in his latest effort. Over LucasQuinn’s hard-hitting backdrop, he delivers a flurry of bravado-laden bars ripe with the statement of being the best in whatever he does. This is definitely a solid track to uplift and motivates listeners to go out and achieve their goals.” - Tayo Udutola

The Word is Bond

UK rapper L Martin and US-based Ash the Author just dropped their EP W£$T and it’s more than a treat! The opening track from the trailblazing hip-hop EP is called “Inkpen” and will give you a taste of the delicious sound they cooked together. The song merges new school rhyming dexterity and silky vibes with a nod to golden age 90's hip-hop. With L Martin and Ash’s witty verses, the track combines laid-back vibes with attitude, integrity and wisdom.” - Nora