1. I'm Not Crazy


I’m not crazy, I just see different
I’m not crazy, well maybe a little off
They say Im crazy cause I think different
Am I deranged or just a little lost
I’m Lost
I can’t escape from all of these visions
I Keep dreaming without dozing off
I keep seeing me as the one in charge
I Keep seeing me as a fucking boss
It’s off
I mean cause just last month i was sitting on the couch trying to work out a play
To put some vittles in they mouth
On some Hail Mary shit
Ima figure something out
Hearing whispers in my ear like
My nigga here’s your crown
What the fuck is that about
Voices in my head turn and spin my head around but I don’t ever see shit
Just continue on my route
And then it’s quiet for a while
But in my mirror seen a smile it said you’re. Crazy

I’m not crazy I just see different
Maybe the whole place just a little off
You could take my glasses look through these lenses
Would you Rip em off your face or would you
Would you… squint your eyes and would you get defensive
Could you
Blink twice and Open them wide to what you’ve written off
I, Wonder if we can fly we can defy physics
What if we don’t need to abide by sky’s limits
I mean
What if shit could be different
And everything we swore to God was solid was just sand
Every go to college get a job was scam
And role model that told you follow all their plans
They all were fucking sad
Sorry mom and dad
and if I’m being honest I did the opposite of that
I’ma go psychotic while I’m finding my own path and if that mean the kid crazy guess I’m bonkers matter fact
I think I’m crazy